Our Wealth Protection Services


At HMC Holistic we not only help plan how to ensure you achieve your life goals but look to ensure if problems are caused by the unexpected you or your family still have the ability to make the most of the situation however terrible.

We have a variety of insurance and assurance solutions for a myriad of eventualities some examples of which are below;


Life Insurance
What problems would it cause your family if you were to die suddenly ? At HMC Holistic we have both income and lump sum options to ensure those left behind are in the best position possible.

Critical illness insurance
What issues would it cause you and your family if you were to have a critical illness ? We have lump sum options that can be used to protect a debt like a mortgage or to alter a home if required or for any other purpose required with any critical illness you were to suffer from.

Income Protection

How long before not having an income would become a difficulty ? With Income protection insurance when your employer stops we ensure essential bills can be met and your lifestyle can be protected.

Key Person Insurance
Sometimes it’s not just you that ensures your success, if you are a businessman we can insure key personal so if they are lost to your business for medical reasons you will have the recourses to still achieve.

Whole of life insurance

Some eventualities will eventually happen sometimes you need the reassurance that those left behind have what is required be it for personal reasons or a tax bill.

Accident Sickness and Unemployment
Redundancy is a fact of the modern employment market we can ensure that you have the time to find the right opportunity for you if you were to lose your job.

Building & Content

Whether your home or buy to let you want to know if something happens the insurer is there for you at HMC Holistic we want to ensure no one is inconvenienced by events outside their control. We will find the right solution for you, your family and your business, tailored to your individual circumstances to ensure you can maintain the elements of life important to you.

Please contact our expert adviser for a free initial consultation, we can meet you in your home or at our offices in Cardiff.