The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

Ensuring you get the most out of your retirement

At HMC Holistic we will help you make the most of your retirement irrespective of where you are in retirement at retirement or planning for your future retirement. We will review all the suitable tax approved pension options available to us to allow you. We will review all the suitable tax approved pension options available to us to allow you to plan your future.

Pensions & Tax Relief

Pensions are available to everyone and for all but the very highest earners who can elect to pay more than the generous annual allowance pensions will benefit from tax relief, this means as a basic rate tax payer the relief is provided automatically turning £80 saved into £100 in the pension. This applies to non-tax payers up to £3,600 so even though a non-tax payer will not be paying tax they get the benefit of the 20% uplift on contributions.

Setting Up A New Personal Pensions

We will review all the suitable tax approved pension options available to you to allow you to make the most of your situation this could include your existing employers scheme, Personal Pensions and Self invested personal pensions are just some of the options we will consider.

Whether you are self-employed or employed, whether you prefer to make regular contributions or lump sum contributions we can tailor a solution for you.

Consolidating Existing Pensions

If you have more than one pre-existing pensions there may be an advantage in consolidating these into one pension.

• To allow you to track and manage your pension savings.
• There may be a cost saving as we may be able to transfer a high cost scheme to a lower cost scheme.
• You could benefit from more flexibility
Whatever your circumstances we will review these to tailor the right solution for you as there can be some instances where a transfer would not be right.
• Your existing pensions guarantee an income which is appropriate to your attitude to risk and losing these guarantees would not be appropriate.
• Existing scheme exit charges these may make a transfer inappropriate.

At Or In Retirement

When it comes to at retirement options there are a number of options open to you especially with the advent of pension freedoms. We can help you make the most of these options.

The purchase of an annuity is a traditional approach an annuity guarantees an income for life and can come with guarantees, not all annuities are the same and shopping around to ensure you have the most appropriate before you buy is crucial at HMC Holistic.

Flexible solutions, at HMC Holistic we can under pension freedoms look at alternative options these allow income to be deferred whilst benefitting from tax free lump sums and keeping your funds invested these are becoming increasingly used as they provide benefits a traditional annuity does not our adviser will ensure you benefit from the most appropriated solution for you.

Please contact us to obtain a free initial consultation to ensure you get the most from your retirement.